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Gua Sha Facial NYC


The Gua Sha (Gwa Shh-Ah) facial is a very unique treatment and isn’t like a traditional facial.

It’s the star of the show in my Restore Vitality™ Gua Sha Facial.  


What is a Gua Sha facial?

Based on an eastern medicine technique, called Gua Sha (skin scraping), I use an agate crystal stone to smooth out wrinkles, lift and contour your cheekbones, brow bone and neck. It’s a non surgical facelift that also detoxifies making it great for acne sufferers. 

I often use gua sha with patients who see me for pain. Instead of the stone, I use a different tool to scrape the skin. Doing this, breaks capillaries which kicks in the bodies own healing response. The red stippling, it leaves behind, lasts for anywhere from 3-7 days.

In facial gua sha, capillaries aren't broken and there are no red marks left behind because the tool I use doesn’t have any sharp edges and feels really comforting. 

How does facial gua sha work?

The human body is more than just skin, muscle, blood vessels, nerves and bone. There is an entire network of connective tissue, called fascia, holding all of that together. Its like a web that connects everything and when that web gets a knot in it or gets glommed up in an area, in the mirror that shows up as a wrinkle, smile lines, deep lines between the brows and a wrinkly chest. When that webbing starts to lose collagen, it shows up as sagging. When there is too much fluid build up under the eyes because your lymphatic fluid isn’t draining, it shows up as puffiness and acne. 

The massage movements done with the stone aren’t random, it takes a trained acupuncturist to know the correct strokes to smooth out the glommed up fascia under the skin and flushes out toxins to heal acne.  When done correctly, the results are astonishing! 

Agate crystal balances Yin & Yang

What can I expect from a Gua Sha Facial?

I’ve called this treatment The Restore Vitality Gua Sha Facial, because that is exactly what it does. It brings not just your skin, but your face back to life. It truly rejuvenates, lifts, lightens and brightens all without harsh lasers and toxic chemicals. 

Who should get a gua sha facial?

Anyone that wants to look younger without fillers.  Anyone with sun spots, wrinkles or acne that needs healing. 

Celebrities and television personalities that always have to be on camera would find this incredibly beneficial. It’s the best way to rejuvenate and still look like yourself without a frozen face full of fillers. 

How often should i do this treatment?

The results are cumulative, the more you do it, the longer the results will last. Once a month treatments is ideal for everyone.

I’m over 40 and it’s my favorite rejuvenating treatment out of everything I’ve ever done in my medi-spa days. I’m well aware of skin tightening with laser, I used to get it done all the time. I like this much better both as a client and as a practitioner. There’s no harm or side effects from getting it done and it treats more than just skin. It treats the underlying tissue under the skin. 

Not surprisingly, many people feel like their face is less stressed and their jaw feels less tight. Gua Sha works to soften muscle and fascia. Neither of which are treated by any laser or chemical peel.   

If you have any more questions about The Restore Vitality Gua Sha Facial, contact me here.

Here's what a client had to say:

People keep asking me if I got Botox!
I’m hooked for life, Lorraine, you’re the best in New York !
— L.B, NYC

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Crystals to put you in a positive mood

*OMG I'm turning into a hippie 🙃


Hello and Happy New Year!

While I won't get into politics here, I think it's pretty obvious we're in for a turbulent time. People berating each other on Social Media and the onslaught of media coverage seems like a constant barrage of negativity. 

While we can't control what will happen, we can control ourselves and how we react to stress.  Of course, one way to reduce stress is acupuncture, which you probably already get. But, what about when you're not in my office?  At Health + Beauty, I want to encourage restorative behavior in all its forms, which is why I'd like to introduce you to crystals if you're not already familiar with them.

I owe my mother an apology. My mom used to give me crystals all the time when I was growing up and I accepted them with an eyeroll 🙄 and as soon as she was far away enough, I'd chuck them in the trash.  (I would kill to have them all back today)

It wasn't until after I graduated acupuncture school, and started taking meditation very seriously, that I decided to take a second look at crystals. The reason meditation works on so many levels- stress reduction, improving memory, providing clarity, etc is because when you meditate, you raise your vibrational energy. 

There was a moment a few years ago when I decided to give crystals a shot and I'm so glad I did. I now meditate with one every day and have noticed a difference in my own mood. It's not easy working for yourself, trust me, while I tend towards a positive attitude, it wasn't always this way. 

I've seen for myself how, when I connect with this high vibrational energy, good stuff starts to come my way and I want that for you too.  



Used to dismiss negative energy, it works against EMF energy (energy given off by electronic devices such as our cellphones, iPads and computers) and can help you if you tend to have nightmares. 
Keep one by your computer, near your bed or wear one on a necklace or ring. 



Otherwise known as fools gold, pyrite is a powerful tool to help make you a more positive thinker.  It can create clarity, focus and energize you. Use it while meditating to manifest your desires. Place it in a few areas of your home to create a sense of calm. 



Peaceful and soothing it's the love stone! Rose Quartz is great for opening up the heart chakra and dissolving fear, resentment and healing emotional wounds. It can help us give and be open to receiving love. Now, more than ever, try meditating with this beautiful pink blush stone as you send positive, healing vibes out into the world. 

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