Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is definitely more rare than lower back pain but not to worry, it can be helped. 

There's a few reasons I can think of that can cause upper back pain, a recent bout of the flu, an upper respiratory infection or an asthma attack.  People never think of it, but coughing really hard can cause the muscles of the upper back to tighten and cause pain.  

Another common case of upper back pain is when you can't turn your neck to one side.  You may feel the pain go from your neck to your shoulder blade.  

The other, less common, case of upper back pain is seen in swimmers.  This pain can be caused by a trigger point, a painful knot, in the latissimus dorsi. The muscle plays an integral part in extending the arm up and around to propel you forward in water.  I've had patients come in with this very problem after 'upping' their swim game and a mix of acupuncture and cupping fixes it.