A New Body!
I’m an athlete and martial artist who has tried every single modality one can think of, from ART to Guasha, from PT to E-Stim, from Thai massage to cryo... every time, my relief was only temporary. Enter Lorraine; after only three relaxing and informative sessions I’ve had lasting results the likes of which I’ve only ever dreamed. She was attentive and helpful, and I left with a new understanding of my physical body. A true game-changer! Thank you Lorraine!
— Red G, NYC
Lorraine is phenomenal. I saw her on referral from a co worker, and have happily been following up ever since. I have plantar fascitis in both feet, and no amount of stretching or over the counter treatments ever really helped. I walked out of my first appointment with Lorraine and couldn’t figure out what was different- then I realized my heel and arch didn’t hurt when I walked for the first time , in literally- years. I have been back for several treatments and am steadily improving, as well as seeing differences in my back pain and how I walk. I cant speak highly enough about treatment with Lorraine- run to her (if you can)!
— Elise D., House Hunters HGTV
I really cannot say enough amazing things about Lorraine. I have been dealing with panic attacks, anxiety, headaches, stress and back upper back and neck pain for the past few years. I have been going to acupuncture for a few years now, but it wasn’t until I started with Lorraine last winter that I really started noticing a huge difference. She has really helped relieve my headaches, neck and back pain and my panic and anxiety is so much more under control now with a combination of acupuncture and cupping.

What I also love about Lorraine is that she really is thinking about your total and complete wellness. I know that is part of Eastern Medicine, but I really feel like she has a great way of taking in all the information you are able to provide and really making some amazing suggestions for what else you can do, outside of acupuncture, to help you feel your best. She is always offering other suggestions of products she has found, she knows works for her, etc.

So, even if my headaches and panic are under control, she can help with sleeping, digestion, tightness, etc. It is just wonderful to have someone that I trust to work with on my overall health and wellness.

While it is obviously so important to feel results, I also really enjoy Lorraine as a person. She is funny, personable, understanding and so very kind and helpful. Her office is super convenient and is located is a wonderful serene space. I don’t think I could recommend Lorraine any more.
— Patricia L, NYC
Acupuncture is the best! I’m a runner and over the years my knees have gotten really bad. I thought I wouldn’t be able to run anymore because it was only getting worse. I finally gave acupuncture a shot and I can’t even believe how much it has saved me! I’m very squeamish with needles but Lorraine is so gentle she made it very easy and comfortable. She was very patient with me and really calmed me down before we started. Also gave me a lot of tips to help with my stretching which has been extremely helpful! Thanks for everything Lorraine! You’re the best :)
— Hannah S., Astoria
So for the longest time, I had been trying out different doctors, medications, because I have been feeling so not myself or healthy. Even though I eat healthy and do my best Lorraine was thinking it was something else. We did some acupuncture and cupping and she recommended some supplements to take and wow. I feel like my old self again. I am a firm believer in acupuncture instead of filling my body with unnecessary medication, I feel like its been hiding it and not actually treating it. I went to someone else before and they weren’t very gentle nor effective. Lorraine knew exactly how to deal with me. She said “I know exactly what to do” and meant it! Anyway, the space is so beautiful and calming. I went in feeling anxious and panicky and walked out floating on a crowd ready to deal with the crazy city of New York. Cannot wait for my next session next week!
— S.R., NYC
Lorraine is thoughtful, methodical, understanding, patient and has the most amazing touch. I have been going for acupuncture regularly to address some health issues, as well as tightness from running and a standing daily routine. Words cannot accurately describe how amazing I feel after just one session with her.. she releases all tension in hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, lower back and other places I didn’t even know I was holding tension! As for health issues they have all been addressed and on a quick road to recovery thanks to Lorraine’s expertise.
She really converted me from a skeptic to an absolute devotee!
Even if you’re curious, mildly hesitant, dying to try-any and all of the above-you MUST go!!!
— Christina S., Stylist
Lorraine is an incredible esthetician. I have had only the best treatments with her throughout the years. I was so happy to hear that she finally had her own space in this beautiful facility. Upon entering I was greeted with kindness and ease.
The facility is clean, organized, and evokes a mood of wellness and healing. I have never had a better Brazilian wax- painless, efficient, and no drama. I also experienced Lorraine’s facial for the first time here and was pleasantly treated with organic sensitive products.
My skin looks and feels invigorated with life. I bought packages and will be returning as soon as necessary. I always feel comfortable in Lorraine’s presence. It is very important for me that I am able to relax in this kind of environment. It doesn’t get much better! Enjoy
— Tara G., Owner, Abhaya Yoga
Lorraine is an amazing acupuncturist. Her passion for helping her patients is felt on every visit. Lorraine really understood what I was coming in for, empathized with, and better yet, got me great results. I would trust her with future problems I may run into, from the common cold to back spasms and beyond.
— Amy C., Brooklyn
What a fabulous experience—I feel like a new woman! I just had my first microdermabrasion facial with LED and I am just glowing (literally!). I have never had such a relaxing and nurturing skincare experience before. From the moment I walked into the suite I felt calm and super relaxed as it very zen, quiet and clean. Lorraine was very professional and thorough, listened to my concerns and evaluated my needs, and gave me a detailed and personalized treatment. The products were high end organic and my skin looked and felt amazing. I highly, highly recommend Lorraine.
— Lina E., Astoria
I found Lorraine on the recommendation of a client of mine, and her practice at the time was down the block from my work. I had never really thought much about it until sustaining a back injury from weight lifting and I decided that I would try it out.
It was my first time for acupuncture and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was very very very impressed with the results!
Lorraine has a very calming demeanor, explained what it was that she was doing, and has a very gentle hand. When someone is inserting needles all over your body, it can be a bit nerve wracking, but I found it painless and relaxing. I went a total of 4 times over the course of a month, and it was easily the best part of my week. She would do specific spot work on my muscle injury and release all the tension that I was holding (yes it was in my booty!). Each week we would work on a different area depending on how I was feeling.
She really knows what she is doing and she seems very passionate about acupuncture and it’s ability to heal. I’m a skeptic, and I am totally sold!
I have since healed, but I would continue to go back to Lorraine in a heartbeat- in fact...I should call her right now! Do not hesitate to call her for your needs. She told me she likes to work with sports injuries, and I can see why- she really is amazing!
— Jennifer B., Fitness Trainer
I cannot say enough positive things about this place! Clean, efficient, calm and relaxing while also being mindful of your time.
Lorraine is a wonderful, very experienced esthetician and never tries to force services or products on you. She is a great person who always takes into account the customers needs as well as their hesitations and previous history. Super fast when she needs to be (ie: virtually painless) but also willing to take an extra 5 minutes to offer advice from her very knowledgable base re: mental and physical health.
— Christina, Stylist
Lorraine is a gem! She is an expert on skincare, and she shares her knowledge freely. She will guide you to what will work for you without trying to up-sell you on her services or products (which happen to be awesome — she’s just not pushy about them!). I’m currently recovering from some health issues that have taken a toll on my skin, and Lorraine made me feel cared for, nurtured, and on the road to recovery. I’ll definitely be back!
— Kris T, NYC
Was lucky enough to book a last minute appointment with Lorraine for a Gua sha facial!! I have been trying to get one for ages so I had a lot of anticipation built up for this experience. Lorraine more than exceeded my expectations!
Her treatment room is like a little oasis of wellness. She is super knowledgeable about this modality and walked me thru everything that she was doing yet also created a very serene experience. I almost fell asleep!
The results of her facial were amazing! I had smoother skin and looked very refreshed. I am totally addicted and can’t wait to go back to nyc for another appointment.
Bonus- she shared with me some pro tips for stretching and acupuncture that I desperately needed.
Extra bonus - you can also book a Gua sha facial class with her so you can continue the practice at home.
— Janet W, CA
Lorraine is amazing! I’ve been going to her for facials for the last 6 months in preparation for my wedding. She is so knowledgable and is able to use everything she knows to take a more holistic approach to skincare. She is up on all the latest skincare science and gadgets, but is able to combine that with all natural products to result in glowing skin. My skin is always glowing after one of her facials and it’s healthier and breaks out less overall. I highly recommend Lorraine!
— Amber M.
I’ve been getting acupuncture for the last few months with Lorraine and just got my first Restore Vitality facial today. My skin looks SO AMAZING! I actually can’t believe it. She specialized in pain management, so her acupuncture has been saving my life. Especially before and after flights, which totally kill my neck and back. She is so sweet, unbelievably knowledgeable, and extremely talented. I’m buying facial gift cards for my mom and sister for Christmas!!
— C K, NYC
After stretching, massage, and other acupuncturists failed, Lorraine restored my knee’s full range of motion. My trainer was amazed. I’m delighted.
— Jeffrey Zeldman, Founder, Happy Cog
As a dancer who is considered an elite athlete for the type of activity I do professionally, seeing the right healers to keep my body in check is imperative. After tearing my groin and spraining my knees while performing, I feel fortunate to have seen Lorraine for acupuncture each week as she helped my healing process immensely. First off, this woman is no joke! She always went the extra mile to investigate my imbalances and issues each week to successfully loosen my tight and sore muscles. I believe it was through her combination of traditional chinese and western techniques that she was able to analyze and target the problem areas. I believe the deep tissue work is what sped up my results. Not only was she a wizard with the needles, but she was also very pleasant personally. Needless to say, I highly recommend working with Lorraine!
— Dangerkat, Performer in Fuerza Bruta
Lorraine is a wonderful acupuncturist and person. She helped me with pain from my c-section scar and she helps me to manage chronic pelvic pain that was caused by an injury. I always leave feeling so much better and the more often I go the longer the results last. So now I only need to see her about every 6 to 8 weeks. If you are looking for an acupuncturist to help your acute or chronic pain, Lorraine is the one for you.
— Juliette A., Licensed Acupuncturist
Lorraine is one of the best acupuncturists I’ve ever come across. I was once a competitive athlete, and have struggled over the years with chronic pain and multiple injuries. I’ve seen many doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors and Lorraine has been one of the few to provide me with relief!
What differentiates Lorraine from all the others is her extensive knowledge in sports medicine in addition to the acupuncture. She has always been very thorough throughout the process, explaining everything with great detail. Furthermore, she has great bedside manners and truly goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable during your session.
Anytime I have a liar up, I know I can count on her to relieve my pain. If you’re looking for an acupuncturist, look no further! Lorraine is a life saver!
— Alexandra, R., Brooklyn
Lorraine is amazing! Through acupuncture she totally helped my cycle get back on track. She is warm and makes you feel at easy and very relaxed. Her cupping is great too, this helps get rid of toxins and increased my energy flow. Lorraine also has the most delicious green tea to drink before your appointment. Her space is cozy and very clean.
— Philippa F., Brooklyn
Lorraine is a skin guru!
Her knowledge and expertise in wellness coupled with her peaceful demeanor makes any service with her an absolute pleasure. I really appreciate the care she takes to make sure I’m loving and nourishing my inner and outer woman. She’s so much more than her profession!!!
— Oslyn H., Celebrity Makeup Artist
I’m finally the woman I always wanted to be - the one who has a “person” that they trust with their skin and plans a skin strategy. I’m delighted to have found an esthetician who uses TECHNIQUE in our sessions together. I actually get a good facial massage. I’m so tired of estheticians slapping on products then leaving the room and calling it a “service.” Not here. Lorraine invests herself in each appointment and it’s always the experience I’m craving.
— Jenna E., JennaEdwardsTV
Lorraine is seriously a miracle worker. I’ve been seeing Lorraine for just about 5 months, and not only have we worked out my migraines, but we’ve also worked on joint and menstrual pain (sorry guys!). I fell down the stairs 2 weeks ago, and the bruise was about half of my upper thigh with a baseball-sized hematoma to match. I saw Lorraine 5 days after, and the difference was remarkable - you actually saw the bruising change color in that hour session, and my range of motion was 1000x better! After just two appointments, my bruise is almost gone, range of motion is probably at 90%, and I’m in way less pain. I’m always particularly impressed and put at ease with Lorraine’s demeanor, she’s so kind and open-minded - I really can’t recommend her enough!!
— Vanessa W, NJ
Fantastic place for microdermabrasion as well as skin care needs. Lorraine is very knowledgable and suggests the most appropriate products without making you feel obligated to purchase them. My skin has dramatically improved regarding texture and fine lines to her credit.
— Monika W., NYC
I went to Lorraine because my skin was looking dull and lifeless with a lot of blackheads. She carefully assessed my skin and recommended microdermabrasion to clean it up and remove the old, stagnant layer. It is clear that she is very knowledgeable and skillful. Her explanations of how the skin works and how to treat it to make it perform best made a lot of sense. The procedure was efficient and the products she used along with the micro really seemed to plump my skin and left it feeling so soft and smooth.
I was so impressed with the results of the first treatment that I opted to buy a package and I’m so glad I did because I have found that getting microdermabrasion on a regular basis has really improved the overall condition of my skin. My skin looks younger, brighter, and I have far fewer breakouts. I have found that if I let too much time pass between sessions, my skin starts to look dull, so I have just made microdermabrasion sessions with Lorraine part of my regular skincare routine.
— Amber M., Brooklyn
Before seeing Lorraine for acupuncture I carried a lot of stress and pain in my upper and middle back. She was able to instantly tell this once she had me lie down on the table. I usually hunch over and felt that, even when I made a conscious effort to stand up straight my shoulders would still round over making me hunch over and over time cause more pain.
During my first session, she instantly touched upon certain points that with the touch of one needle had my whole left side vibrating, releasing all the tension I wasn’t aware of. By the end of our session I felt like I had a new back. I could see such a difference in my posture and stride. Looking in the mirror only confirmed what I felt. Friends even complimented me! After just one session I am completely hooked and will be returning on a regular basis!
— Cristina Nunez, Feature Films Costumer
The first I word I think of when I hear the word acupuncture is savior. I owe this to Lorraine’s genuine concern for her clients. I was in massage therapy school when I took up a pole dancing class for fitness. Needless to say I was using my body and testing it’s limits in ways I hadn’t before. I went to Lorraine seeking relief for pain in my back, shoulder and wrist. I was immediately hooked after the pain decreased by about 70% after just one visit! To this day I refer to her as a magician. Massage simply wasn’t getting rid of pain in all those areas. I continue seeing her for preventative maintenance and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. I’m so grateful and recommend Lorraine to anyone seeking pain resolution. It saved me.
— Tay B., LMT
One day I lurched my way into Lorraine’s office for treatment of a debilitating pain in my back that left me moving like Frankenstein’s little sister. Even after working with my beloved massage therapist, countless hours of foam rolling and self-applied myofascial release, I couldn’t get my body to cooperate with me. I felt like the pain and stiffness was getting worse by the day and actually starting hurt in places it shouldn’t. I was starting my new weightlifting program and was dedicated to training hard in the gym 3-4 times a week.
Lorraine paid close attention to what my coach and I were working on in the gym – something I’ve never been asked before by someone in Eastern medicine! We began our treatment and I immediately felt my glutes relax – along with my lower back. Shortly after, all the pain in my sacrum melted away. During the session all I could utter were the words, “I could have spent all day in a massage trying to get that muscle to relax and you just did that in 10 seconds flat. Marry me.” After that blissful treatment, she had me flip over and worked on some spots along my quads, IT band and flexors. What an experience!
Two days later, I was squatting deeper that I ever had and my coach was impressed that not only was I standing up straight, but I also had better hip mobility than I ever did before. I am now training for my first powerlifting competition and couldn’t imagine doing so without Lorraine’s treatments for what I call “preventative maintenance”. To anyone, but especially people looking to further their athletic or fitness performance, do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Lorraine- you will be astonished to see the difference in your movement.
— Val L., House Hunters Intl