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relaX heal rejuvenate

Operated by Lorraine Lavenita, Licensed Acupuncturist and Esthetician,

this wellness studio is committed to healing pain, promoting relaxation and facial rejuvenation.  

Lorraine's specialties are sports medicine acupuncture, stress reduction and cosmetic acupuncture.

She utilizes Trigger Point Dry Needling and Motor Point Acupuncture for myofascial release.

Improve your flexibility, reduce pain, increase mobility and enjoy being active again.

Custom facials offering long term balance to keep your skin looking it’s best. 

I’ll recommend products to create a skincare routine that keep it looking great long after your facial.  

If you love treatments that are both relaxing and are actually effective, this is the place for you. 

Everyone loves to relax and look great. Gift certificates are available for any amount or a specific service.

If you have a question, I'd be happy to help, contact me here.  


Monday - Wednesday 10-8

Friday 10-5

Saturday 10-4

Lorraine Lavenita

Acupuncturist and Esthetician

289 Seventh Avenue, Suite 4

New York, NY 10001


Kindly note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If  appointments are cancelled in less than 24 hours, there is a charge for the full price of the treatment, a session will be removed from your package or your voucher will become null and void.  

Your courtesy and consideration is greatly appreciated.