You've seen doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists but you're still in pain.

You're trying to stay in shape or get in shape but you keep hurting yourself during or after your workouts so you give up.

Pain sucks the life out of having fun and letting you live instead of just surviving. 

Stress, anxiety and periods of insomnia are leaving you without any energy. 

You're tired and you feel like you're too young to feel this way. 


Acupuncture can help

Acupuncture is a holistic solution to end your pain. 

Imagine standing up after sitting for a long time without knee or back pain.  Feeling more flexible, running without knee pain, squatting a little deeper and lifting a little more weight comfortably at the gym.  Walk around the city for a long time without needing a break because your feet hurt. Acupuncture can help with all of this and more. 


Acupuncture and trigger point DRY NEEDLE is the best solution for pain.

  1. Repair lifestyle injuries

  2. Increase your flexibility

  3. Enjoy your activities without fear of further injuring yourself

  4. Learn to listen to your body for cues when it's time to schedule some self care time

  5. Be heard by a caring holistic health care provider

  6. Relax and renew in a quiet, beautiful environment

Patients are seen by appointment and you may schedule online for your convenience below.  



Initial Visit 75 mins $175        Follow Up 60 mins  $130

Package of 6 follow up sessions, $702 ($117/session)

Package of 12 follow up sessions $1,326 ($110.50/session)

Package of 24 follow up sessions, $2,496 ($104/session)

*Kindly note packages are available cash only and expire a year from date of purchase.


Lorraine is an out of network provider for 

aetna        united healthcare       cigna        empire blue cross blue shield

She will happily provide you with a SUPERbill that you can submit to your insurance provider

FSA and HSA are accepted

Patients are seen by appointment and you may schedule online for your convenience.



I was recently featured in InStyle.  Cupping is a wonderful addition to your acupuncture appointment and is often requested by my patients.  If you're not ready to try acupuncture just yet, cupping is an easy and quick solution to de-stress and reduce pain. 15mins, $50