Best beauty tip of all time

If you never do anything but this, you'll always look amazing

Who doesn't want to look like J. Lo? I mean, seriously. 

Who doesn't want to look like J. Lo? I mean, seriously. 

Skin, hair and nails are all made up of collagen. It's a web like protein that it literally the cellular makeup of our bodies. Without it, we'd be crunchy like a potato chip. It keeps our joints healthy, hair glossy, and skin bouncy.

The beauty industry is a multi BILLION dollar industry filled with giant corporations that want your money. They will say anything you want to hear to make you buy their chemical laden stuff. They'll even put it in sexy, beautiful packaging (which costs them a fortune) so they have to pass the cost of the pretty packaging and all the millions of dollars 💸 they spend on advertising to sell it to you, onto you.

"Anti-Aging"--no ones getting out of aging, sorry. 

"Reduce pore size"---nope. That's not possible without changing your DNA 

"Erase dark spots" --does it ever really?

Since I'm an acupuncturist and esthetician, I look at things differently when it comes to skincare.

If something is inflamed (red) I want to use plant based skincare to calm it down.

If there is acne, nothing is moving so I'll prescribe acupuncture (to improve circulation in the digestive system) and LED light to kill the bad bacteria causing the acne. 

If there are wrinkles...the right skincare (oil, oil, oil!) and my beloved jade stone (a little red LED helps too) can gently fade the lines but more importantly, prevent new wrinkles from forming. 

There is one thing each of these skin types have in common. They ALL need to constantly develop new collagen.

Sure, you can go under the LED light which renews collagen better than any cream you will ever buy.  But what about your hair? Your hips and knees? Your eyelashes?

The best thing you can ever do and my #1 beauty tip of all time, is BONE BROTH 🐮🍵

Bone broth is a quadruple threat in that it will give you glowy, supple skin but it can also help you lose weight and heal gut issues like IBS and Leaky gut and an added bonus: it's excellent for your immunity. It's got all the right vitamins, minerals and healthy fat to make you glow like J. Lo! 

I get asked all the time how to make it so below is my recipe

Bone broth for healthy skin

2 lbs Organic, grass fed, beef bone
2 chicken feet for extra gelatin (optional but if you want shiny hair, throw it in)
1 Onion cut in half
2 Carrots peeled and cut in half
2 Celery stalks washed and broken in half
2 Tblspn Apple Cider Vinegar
Optional: A bunch of parsley, 2-3 garlic cloves, 2 Tblspn black cracked pepper, 1 Tbsp Sea Salt and any other herbs and spices you like to be used at the last 30 min of cooking. I like rosemary and thyme. 
1 Large stockpot, pressure cooker or slow cooker
Slotted spoon or strainer to pull everything out

1. Place bones in a roasting pan and bake for 30 mins at 350.
2. Place roasted bones in your pot and cover with cool water.  Add the apple cider vinegar and let it sit for 30 mins. The acid pulls the minerals we want out of the bone marrow.
3. Add all your veggies (minus the parsley, other herbs and garlic) and add a lot of water. Bring it to a boil and then reduce it to a simmer. 
4.  Let it simmer for 12-24 hours periodically using a spoon to skim any foam from the top. The healthier the bone, the less froth there will be. If you are using a pressure cooker, it may only take 2-3 hours to make this. Otherwise, it's a minimum of 12 hours. 
5. Add in the garlic and parsley during the last half hour, unless you don't want to. 
6.  Remove from the heat and skim out all the veggies. Let cool and place into mason jars (leave a little room at the top) and place in the fridge for up to 5 days or freeze for later use. 

Drink 1 cup of bone broth a day to renew collagen from the inside out. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday & Happy New Year!
Lorraine Lavenita 🦄✨