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5 Tips for Insomnia without meds

Rule #1 for insomniacs, STAY AWAY from caffeine. Try Yerba Mate tea until the insomnia passes.

Rule #1 for insomniacs, STAY AWAY from caffeine. Try Yerba Mate tea until the insomnia passes.

Holistic Insomnia Cures

Insomnia is so frustrating. 

New Yorkers in general, seem to have it pretty often thanks to out fast paced lifestyle.  Getting a good night's rest is important if you want to have any energy at all when you wake up the next day. 


What to do when insomnia happens

1.  Essential Oils. 

It seems to good to be true, but essential oils do work. They are highly concentrated oils pressed from different flowers and plants with medicinal properties.  I carry Peaceful Sleep, $22. which is a lovely essential oil blend based on Eastern Medicine herbs made specifically to help you sleep. 

Essential Oil diffuser

Essential Oil diffuser

2.  Have a bedtime ritual. 

Whether you have insomnia or not, everyone should have a bedtime ritual, especially if you're in full blown insomnia.  This signals your brain that it's time to "chill out" and get ready to sleep. 

Place a drop of Peaceful Sleep essential oil blend on your finger tip and apply it to your temples, your "third eye", the back on your hairline-including the area behind the ear and on your wrists.  These are acupuncture points and applying oils there will help you fall asleep. A quick swipe on the soles of your feet and you're ready for bed. 

3.  Get a sound machine. 

Ocean waves, a babbling brook, light rain, birds chirping, or anything else you think you'd like to fall asleep to. If you don't want a machine, there are plenty of Apps available that you can play. I like Tao Mix, NatureSpace and ThunderGod because I'm a weirdo that finds thunder relaxing. 😏

4.  You're awake and it's well past midnight. What do you do?

First, prepare ahead of time.  Download a podcast, some ted Talks, a guided meditation, binaural beats (sound waves that help your brain relax) or anything that's not exciting and leave it on your phone ready to listen to, for when the moment strikes.  Rather than getting up and waking yourself up further, put an ear bud in ONE ear and stay in bed listening to it. The hope is that you will just fall asleep. DON'T read on your phone or iPad, the light coming from it will fully wake you up. 

5.  Get Acupuncture.  

I've treated many people for it and it really does get you to sleep pretty soon if you're going through a rough patch.

I had a client in her early 30's that had been on sleeping medication for years and wanted to get off of it permanently. A combination of everything on this list got her off the medication and back to her own natural sleep rhythm. 

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