Natural ways to treat allergies

7 tips to help you through allergy season


It's that time of year again...I don't know about you, but I'm already sneezing a lot even though it's still pretty chilly outside.  If you've got itchy eyes, a runny nose, loss of smell, or constant post nasal drip, you may have allergies. Even if you didn't have them as a teenager, they can sneak up on you in your late 20's and 30's.  Below, are a few tips to help you out. 

1.  Organic Honey.  Eat 1 tablespoon of local, organic, honey a day.  It MUST be local to you. So, where ever you are reading this from, make sure to check our your local farmer's market and you'll find a local vendor. 

2.  Neti Pot.  Maybe you've seen these in the health food store and thought it was some weird hippie sh*t but that weird hippie thing will help more than anything. Rinse your sinuses every day, as soon as you get home. This saline water rinse will get the pollen out of your nose. 

3.  Anti-inflammatory diet.  If you know certain foods make you phlegmy or your nose runny, take a break from eating them because they will make your allergies worse. If you don't get your sinuses all inflamed to begin with, you'll have a better time adjusting to springtime.  Adding an Omega-3 fish oil and a probiotic isn't a bad idea either. 

4.  Brush the dog. I love my dog but I don't love how pollen sticks to her fur, and then when she climbs onto my bed and pillow and leaves a trail of invisible pollen for me to sleep on. Give the dog a quick brush right before walking back into your home and rinse his/her paws. If you have a big dog and can't do that, I suggest baby wipes or keeping a towel aside for a quick wipe down after a walk. 

5. Brush yourself.  If your allergies are that bad, then washing your face and brushing your hair every time you come back home will be necessary. 

6. HEPA Air filter.  This filters the air and keeps it clean, just don't forget to vacuum the filter from time to time. 

7.  Acupuncture and Herbs.  Of course acupuncture helps but is best done BEFORE allergy season starts. If you are already in the throws of allergy symptoms, acupuncture can still help and most likely I would prescribe herbs.