Acupuncture Facials


The Glow AcuFacial

90 mins $325, 2hr $400

The fountain of youth

I saw a need for those wanting cosmetic acupuncture and treat their skin the way an esthetician would, so I created a fusion of both. Organic skin-loving products nourish the skin leaving you with a radiant glow while acupuncture delivers long lasting results of renewed collagen, erased fine lines, dramatically reduced deep wrinkles along with smooth, lifted and toned skin. Enjoy the happy side effects that acupuncture is known for- deep relaxation, restful sleep, balanced hormones and more. Suitable for all skin types. Kindly note there are no extractions in this service.

Is this treatment right for me? Yes if you want a longer lasting alternative to Botox or other fillers. This is also a great option for anyone without a current skincare routine and feels its time to focus on rejuvenating. For a focus on lifting, please schedule the 2Hr option. 

How many sessions will I need? Typically 5-6 sessions, but It really depends on your age and your goals. The results are cumulative so plan on doing these no more than 1-2 weeks apart. 

How do I prepare for my treatment? No fillers in the last 4 months

What if I’m pregnant? This is safe for expecting and breastfeeding mamas.