Fire and Ice by iS Clinical


Fire and ICE Peel

30 mins $150

Renew your skin in 30 minutes

A warming mask gently peels and dissolves dead skin cells revealing fresh healthy, glowing skin. An intense hydrating mask ensures you’ll leave without any redness. No downtime and no further peeling occurs in the days following. 

*Add-On LED is strongly recommended. 

Is this treatment right for me?

Suitable for all skin types, except Rosacea and painful cystic acne. Safe for expecting and breast feeding mothers.

How do I prepare for my facial? 

No waxing or retinol in the last 5 days and do not schedule this if you are planning a sun-filled vacation two weeks following this treatment.

I LOVE how this leaves my skin soft, renewed and glowing BIG TIME! I do it once a month a highly recommend it to anyone that wants beautiful clear skin. Lorraine is the best, don’t hesitate to see her!
— A.N. NYC